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Africa Access Review of Children’s Materials
Summary: Recommended readings on African culture, Francophone, History and others for children.

AFRICA: One Continent. Many Worlds
URL: lam.mus.ca.us/africa/
Summary: This site is designed to provide the educator
with the knowledge and tools to bring the experience
to the classroom.The web site includes scores of
classroom activities, and handouts.

Isinwaoji, acrylic, 1993
Artist: Obiora Udechukwu

Discover Africa
Summary: Educational Information about African countries.

Discovery Channel School
URL: http://school.discovery.com/
Summary: Discovery Channel School features hundreds of pages of lesson ideas and activities for 30 hours of commercial-free classroom television programming airing this season on Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel.

K-12 Studies
Summary: The aim of this guide is to assist K-12 teachers, librarians, and students in locating on-line resources on Africa that can be used in the classroom, for research and studies. This guide summarizes some relevant materials for K-12 uses available on Penn African Studies WWW site. Discovery Channel School

Kente Cloth
Summary: Kids input on their knowledge about the Kente cloth.

URL: http://www.erols.com/kemet/kente.htm
Summary: History and significance of Ghana's Kente Cloth. The different types of kente cloths and intrepretation of the meaning of their symbols.

South Africa: Can a Country Overcome its History?
URL: http://www.learner.org/exhibits/southafrica
Summary: In this exhibit, find out more about South Africa's past and what people are doing to ensure a good future. Through five interactive timeline puzzles, you'll learn about the events that shaped the country, from its first colonization to the discovery of diamonds and gold and the turmoil of the apartheid years. You can also explore a wealth of related Web sites.

Watoto World
URL: http://www.melanet.com/watoto/
Summary: Watoto World [watoto is Kiswahili for children] was created to bring the creativity of African heritage children to the Internet; provide information and instruction for African American parents to meet the challenges of parenting now and in the 21st century; encourage educators and school systems to provide and utilize Internet access and computer technology in the classroom; and to highlight African-centered education and independent Black schools. Website for Children, Parents, and Educators of African Descent.

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